The Global Vision Team

Alejandro, Dottie, Jerry, Nathalie, and Luke

Each member of our highly skilled team contributes an important creative voice in our growing enterprise.

Gerard Klein is a lifelong artist and a longtime resident of the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, one of the most diverse and progressive neighborhoods in America, where life reflects many different cultures and family traditions. He has been exploring multicultural art and artistic influences for over forty years.
Gerard studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts from 1973 to 1977 and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at the University of Pennsylvania from 1978 to 1982. Since 1982, he has been commissioned by Lenox China and the Franklin Mint, creating the original sculptures for over 400 figurines in porcelain and crystal.
Gerard draws on many influences for the creation of the Global Vision Design figurines, including that of his wife, Dottie Higgins-Klein, whose work as a sandtray play therapist has given her an acute awareness of the need for figurines that reflect a broad range of real world life experience.

Alejandro grew up in Mexico City making sculptures for his family of professional puppeteers. Following a serious early apprenticeship with his father, he went on to a thorough education in classical sculpture technique. In the past thirty years of his professional art career, he has been working in the U.S., creating figurines on commission for the collectibles industry as well as sculpting larger bronzes and wood carvings for private collectors. His experience, esthetic judgment, and inventiveness provide highly valued support.

Alejandro makes the molds for reproducing the original sculptures. He then casts each piece by hand  and smooths the surface where there may be the finest of seam lines left over from the mold. His enormous competence guarantees that every piece we send out is a perfect casting.

Nathalie is the business administrator of Global Vision. Her experience includes a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and work experience in an array of venues that include a sculpture production shop, marketing, and the corporate financial industry. She guides the marketing, planning, sales, shipping, and customer service.

Luke is the Global Vision website designer, photographer, internet and computer technician, and business systems coordinator. His resourcefulness finds solutions for any problem that may arise.

Dottie is Gerard's wife and inspiration for many of the Global Vision sculptures. Her knowledge of human emotional life and contemporary social needs provides reliable direction for the content and the form of the collection.

You: We would like to hear your creative ideas and suggestions that help us address themes that are close to the hearts of our audience.