About the Artist

          My first art teacher was my father, a professional commercial artist, who taught me, as a young child, the elements of drawing and perspective. I went on to study painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, followed by graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981, with an MFA. Through the next 37 years I sculpted about 350 figurines on commission for porcelain collectibles companies such as Lenox, the Franklin Mint, and Cybis. During that time, I stayed committed to my personal art, showing and selling my work from time to time. My main aims were to continue refining my skills and to pursue a deeper understanding of my relationship with art as I go through life.

          I came to Argentine Tango in January 2004. Since the first day, it has continued to be a major esthetic focus. I found that it carried expressive capacities very much like the act of making sculpture. For me, to dance Tango is to create form through space and time, just as with the act of sculpting. And with tango, there is the glorious potential of sharing this experience in oneness with our partner. After years, it came to me to put these together, Tango and Sculpture. There is a natural fit among the formal and emotional elements of both art forms: the shapes and spaces, the movement of the two people, the felt density of the  music, the flow of the clothing -- all the aspects of Tango make sense as good sculptural expression. I am grateful that this conviction has given me a reliable grounding for my current art.