The Collection & the Sculptures


Sculptor Gerard Klein, MFA, is creating this series of fine art figurines to explore deeply felt life experiences, across a broad multicultural spectrum. The figures are all original works, sculpted by Gerard Klein. With a wide range of collectors in mind, we are offering our sculptures in various media, allowing prices that will conform with different personal budgets and sensibilities. In Addition, the collection is well suited for use by therapists using sandtray or similar modalities of therapy work on account of its cultural diversity and emphasis on emotional resonance.

There is a tradition of small works of fine art dating back thousands of years – as long as people have made art. An object that can be held in the hand, or simply viewed fully at a close distance, gains intimacy by entering the personal space of the viewer. It creates a close-up world where the elements of the object can be felt as large-scaled and powerful. Small can be very large.


An original figurine is first sculpted by Gerard Klein in modeling clay. He then casts the clay model in plaster to refine the sculpting and the final surface. A mold is made on the finished plaster figure and this mold is used to cast accurate reproductions by hand. Each casting is inspected for quality and hand finished. Finally, Gerard applies the final patina color. Every figure is made individually here in Philadelphia; there are subtle variations that make each piece unique.

Urethane Resin: The gallery presents the collection as cast in urethane resin, which is a medium that gives very accurate reproductions that are extremely durable. This medium is now widely used by professional artists. Each sculpture is designed & sculpted by Gerard Klein and hand cast by our team in Philadelphia.  Gerard finishes each piece individually with a glaze patina. Prices shown in the gallery are for resin casts.

Plaster: Every piece is also available in plaster, by special order. Plaster can be very beautiful either in its pure white form or with a color patina added to the surface. Each sculpture can be mounted on a  base. We recommend this to enhance the durability of sculptures in plaster sculpture. The price for a plaster cast is slightly more than for the resin. Please contact us directly to discuss your purchase.

Bronze: Our associate foundry in Philadelphia is home to highly experienced bronze founders and expert fine art restorers. Bronze casting is an ancient craft that is technically and physically demanding. It produces art works of great and lasting beauty. Prices for the sculptures in bronze depend on size and complexity of the piece. Our goal is to provide the highest quality work while also keeping the price as affordable as possible. Please contact us directly if you are interested in  having any of our sculptures in bronze.

Bases: Custom bases are available for all of the scultptures.